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NightBright USA is the
smart sustainable solution for all your Photoluminescent Exit, Emergency Evacuation and Safety signage needs.  In an emergency situation, life or death is often determined by the crucial decision of which direction to head for safety.  This critical decision has to be made in a matter of seconds, and every inch of the path directly affects the final outcome.  NightBright USA  Photoluminescent Technology provides the longest most reliable, luminous and unambiguous exit path during a natural or man-made disaster resulting in fires and/or black-outs.  NightBright USA photoluminescent  glow in the dark signage reduces panic by providing directional way finding, and points of reference, which instills confidence, minimizes injuries and speeds up evacuations.

In 2000 the NFPA Life Safety Code was updated and now recognizes certain Photoluminescent Exit Signs as an alternative to internally lighted electric powered signs. A photoluminescent sign absorbs light from an activation light source in order to emit light (that is, luminescence). The sign continues to emit light for a time after the activation light source has been removed.

Photoluminescent Exit signs are in the category of an Internally Illuminated Sign. The signs are permitted, provided they are listed in accordance with UL 924, "Standard for Safety Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment" and meet all the requirements outlined in the criteria from the Life Safety Code 101, 2006 edition parts Our product line meets the requirements set forth by the ICC in the International Building Code (IBC). To purchase our product please Contact Us direct for a list of official distributors

Requirements for Exit Sign Illumination

NFPA 101 defines the methods of illumination for exit signs:

Externally illuminated - the light source is contained outside of the device or legend that is to be illuminated. The light source is typically a dedicated incandescent or fluorescent source;

Internally illuminated - the light source is contained inside the device or legend that is illuminated. The light source is typically incandescent, fluorescent, electro luminescent, light-emitting diodes, or photoluminescent;

Photoluminescent - the sign is illuminated by self-contained power sources and operates independently of external power sources. (Batteries do not qualify as a self-contained power source.)

Photoluminescent - The face of the sign must be continually illuminated while the building is occupied. The face of the sign shall be illuminated according to its listing from the face of the sign. The illumination has to be a reliable source as determined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, AHJ. The AHJ is the ultimate arbiter concerning safety practices and safety equipment for a particular locality. The charging light must be of the same type that is specified on the sign.

Photoluminescent Signs need a specific type of light and a minimum level of light on the face to assure that the sign will be able to provide adequate illumination in an emergency situation. During illumination the sign shall not be connected to an automatic timer.

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