Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Your commercial property must follow specific rules and regulations to ensure the safety of visitors, employees, and residents. One of the most important precautionary emergency equipment items that your building needs is photoluminescent exit signs. Finding the right color, size, and style of sign can be difficult without the help of a reliable distributor, but NightBright USA is here to help.

We offer affordable prices, reliable signs, and a variety of great styles that will match the aesthetics of your commercial property.

Vibrant, Stylish, and Reliable Exit Signs

At Night Bright USA, we pride ourselves on the quality of your new photoluminescent exit sign. Each of our signs is crafted using the safest and most reliable materials and bulbs so that your sign can safely direct visitors for many years. If for any reason you experience an issue or need a bulb repaired, you can reach out to our stellar customer service team for assistance and fast solutions.

We understand that the safety of your patrons is your top concern, and in the event of an emergency, your visitors need to be safely directed out of the building. Without an adequately lit and visible exit sign, your visitors could become lost and overwhelmed, and in the event of an emergency, this can be especially dangerous.

You can trust NightBright USA to provide you with photoluminescent exit signs that you can install easily and trust to work in the event of an emergency. We aim to give you peace of mind with all of our exit signs, so we provide you with reliable equipment you can always count on.

No matter the size or complexity of your exit sign needs, we have the inventory and equipment to meet those needs with ease.

Reliable, Energy-Efficient, and Durable Equipment

To learn more about our photoluminescent exit signs and find the perfect one for your building, scroll further down to see our lineup of products or give us a call at (888) 987-2336.

Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Our UL 924 Listed Photoluminescent Exit Signs can be installed as stand alone exit signs, or they can compliment existing Exit signage. All of our UL 924 Listed Photoluminescent Exit Signs are also suitable for floor proximity installations without requiring any additional electrical wiring.

Open UL924 Exit Sign Specification Sheet

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